Creating a big change in the lives of many!


In our modern society, both environmental and personal Health, as well as Quality of Life are under pressure. Health is a precondition for wellbeing and quality of life, and good health can only be realized in a balanced and sustainable environment and or lifestyle. 

According to WHO, the World Health Organization, 80% of the main death causes like cancer, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are lifestyle related, of which 50% are preventable. This underlines the importance of integral lifestyle programs and a focus on health, rather than on diseases only!

We also see the pathological effects of chemicals, radiation, biological agents and the effects on health and wellbeing of the broad physical, psychological, social and cultural environment, which includes housing, urban development, land use and transport. And, as we know, all are interconnected.

We, as Healthy Cities, believe that if you want to make a change you have to act on both an individual- as well on a social demographic level.

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